Ability Consulting Services

Assisting corporations with the accessibility needs of their employees and customers.

Assisting with Employees

You have just hired an employee who has a disability.

You have questions.

  • I know they’re qualified, but can they do the work?
  • Is our software accessible?
  • What accommodations will they require?
  • Are our training materials accessible?
  • Is our company in compliance with all regulations?
  • What will this cost?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We can evaluate ndividual needs and provide you with solutions.

Assisting with Customers

Your company has a website and frequently sends documents to your customers.

You have questions.

  • How do we find out if our website is accessible?
  • How much will it cost to test it for accessibility?
  • Are the documents we send to our customers accessible?
  • What will it cost to remediate those documents?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We can test your website and your documents for accessibility. We can also correct all the accessibility issues in your documents.

Assistive Technology Support

We evaluate the needs of your employees with disabilities and provide technical support with assistive technologies.

  • Voice recognition.
  • Screen reading, voice and braille output.
  • Magnification.
  • Specialized keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

Software Application Accessibility

We test software applications and make recommendations to comply with WCAG 2.0 standards.

Document Remediation

We can convert all types of documents to an accessible form.

  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Web-based trainings.
  • Untagged PDFs.


We are also experienced in customizing assistive technology for complex and difficult applications.

Is this kind of service expensive?

Ability Consulting Services’ rates are similar to other types of computer consulting routinely used by corporations.  We carry normal corporate liability insurance policies and can meet the requirements of most corporate contractor standard agreements.  We will provide you with a professional statement of proposed work including schedules and deliverables.

What kind of experience does your company have?

Ability Consulting Services has worked with many corporations, universities, and other organizations since 1992.  We will be happy to provide references to organizations that have used our services in the past in an industry and environment similar to yours.

What kinds of accommodations can you assist with?

Ability Consulting Services can assist with screen reading, magnification, voice recognition, specialized hardware such as mouse, keyboard, display, etc.

How do I get started?

Click on the About Us page tab and send us an email with a description of your needs along with your contact information.

Can a person who is blind use a Windows computer?

Of course, there are thousands of corporate employees who are blind.  Given the right tools, these employees are competitive with their peers in most corporate environments. Screen reading software provides both voice and Braille output to replace the visual screen.  This software "knows" how to inform the user about many of the normal constructs in Windows, such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, etc.

Can a person who is visually impaired use a Windows computer?

Of course, large displays and magnification software provide proper access to all applications, including color modofocations, focus tracking and speech output.

Can a person who has trouble using the keyboard or mouse use a Windows computer?

Of course, with the help of assistive technologies, employees with mobility imapirments are competitive with their peers. These technologies include voice recognition software, special keyboards and alternative mouse technology.

Frank DiPalermo of Ability Consulting Services

Frank DiPalermo

Accessibility Expert

A highly experienced expert in all facets of corporate accessibility consulting


  • Assisting application developers in creating, testing, and remediating applications for accessibility by users with disabilities.
  • Advising corporations and government agencies in providing accessible accommodations for computer users with disabilities.
  • Expert in all forms of assistive technology, including creating, debugging, and documenting special customizations for corporate applications.
  • Served as product manager during the development of IBM Screen Reader, Screen Reader for OS/2, and Screen Magnifier for OS/2.
  • Responsible for IBM SpeechViewer III as testing coordinator.
  • Served as documentation manager for development of JAWS for Windows version 3.0.


Mobile: 512-917-0534
Fax: 713-660-9667


IAAP International Association of Accessibility Professionals Jaws Certified 2014, Freedom Scientific
Donna Hart of Ability Consulting Services

Donna Hart

Accessibility Consultant

A well organized individual who utilizes excellent communication and leadership skills to earn the respect and confidence of clients and co-workers; working with and being an advocate for persons with disabilities


  • Direct liaison to corporate learning groups to ensure employees with disabilities receive accessible training materials.
  • Responsible for all document accessibility testing and remediation to ensure accessibility.
  • Accountable for testing web-based software applications with assistive technologies.
  • Assisting with technical support to employees with disabilities.

Community Outreach

  • Conducts the Disabilities Awareness merit badge class for the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Generates awareness of assistive technologies to local students.


Mobile: 713-299-9313
Fax: 713-660-9667


IAAP International Association of Accessibility Professionals